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TIMD Participated School Gammes of JUDO State Selections to Represent The National School Games - Brazil

Tong Il Moo Do practitioners in the state of Amapa, Brasil, who are studying presently in the public schools, participated the state championship of Judô to represent the state of Amapa for the national school games on september in fortaleza city state of ceara will be organized by the Comitte Olympics of Brasil. At least four athletes are qualified to enter the highly prestigious state competition of martial arts olympic category.

The said tournament was organized by the state secretary of sports in Amapá and was held in the University Federal gymnasium on July 28,2015.


The overall participants of the tournament.



The secretary of sports with the Tong il Moo Do team.




The sparing for our women athletes on the final round, 15 yrs category.



12 yrs category Young generation Chung Ladica dos Santos 3rd place



15 yrs category for womens division got 2nd and 3rd place


Reported by,
Diosdada Ladica dos Santos

Tong Il Moo Do Brazil