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On March 22 & 23 the athletes from Karate semi contact in the state of Goias, Denir Gomes, Cleusiney Lobo, Soon Sam Santos, Wallisson Delano, Guillerme Mendonca, and Max Yuri representing Brazilian team made the best representations, showing their techniques with full confidence and bring honor and dignity to our country with Gold medals.

The great fighter that amazed everyone an athlete from the city of Abadiania Denir Gomes who wins with four fights until the final round with the African athlete with whom he defend with the chutes, and broke his arm, even with that situation he continued and able to win with arm lock jiu jitsu technique in the ground work.

Congratulations to the whole team the warriors of Brazil, and to all sponsors who made possible for the athletes to participate in this historical event. Congratulations to the organizers for the successful event.

Reported by,
Diosdada Ladica dos Santos
Tong Il Moo Do Brazil

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