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TIMD 5 Days Workshop, Benin

We held TIMD Workshop from October 4th to 8th in the education center in Pau. The number of the participating students was 16. They had already completed 7 days TIMD philosophy seminar. The training was held on the sandbox in the middle of the education center and on the sand of the seashore. Because there is no dojang in Benin, they practice on these sandy areas. This TIMD workshop was conducted by Master Kouame Dieudonne Bohoussou from Côte d’Ivoire. They ran back and forth between the seashore and the center in 8 km. They woke up at 5:45 am, practiced for 2 hours twice in the morning and 2 hours twice in the afternoon. The bedtime was 22:00 pm.


Training on the beach



Running to the beach



Practicing the form





Mr.Roshie、Master Kouame、Mr. Sekaryou



16 students and Master Kouame in the middle with black shirt completed the workshop with a cheerful spirit.



Report By:

Tatsuo Sasaki in Republic of Benin