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Great Step towards World Peace

세계평화를향한위대한발걸음_1부(Great Steps towards World Peace Part1)

세계평화를향한위대한발걸음_2부(Great Step towards World Peace Part2)


“Great Steps towards World Peace”
Various headline news effects with CG during the story of the KAL airplane  (30 ”)

September 1, 1983, dawn...
In a surprising urgent news, people around the world were devastated by
the shock and tragedy.
How could this be?
Is this the viciousness and barbarism of communism.....
Is this a good thing for the Great Powers...?

Korean Air's 007 plane carrying 269 passengers and crew members over
Sakhalin were shot down by missiles from Soviet fighters.
At the time, the world's press was concerned that the Soviets were using
KAL 007 civil aircraft.
While they were reporting that the catastrophe the shot down took place,
The South Korean government could not protest against the Soviet Union,
nor could it defend the interests of its neighbors.
They were just giving it a close look.

At that time, True Parents
asked Dr. Seok Jun Ho to carry out a national Victory over Communism movement.
This direction was the beginning of the Victory over Communism
movement of the CARP, in 50 states in the United States,
About 49 anti-Soviet and anti-communist uprisings were held nationwide
The barbaric and inhumanity of the Soviet Union could be seen on a national level,
and Protests against massacres atrocities and genocides began
and spread to all parts of the United States.

In addition, major American magazines and media outlets called for the
anti-Soviet movement through CARP
In the Washington Post, it was reported as front-page story.
Our CARP protest rally was held at the U.S. Capitol and the United
Nations Headquarters.
There was major upsurge, and the U.S. government took a hardline policy
toward the Soviet Union economy.
This was a success and created the foundation for President Reagan to be
It took a lead and played a pivotal role throughout.

After that, Head Wing Thought (Unification Thought) lectures and as well
as VOC activities in the U.S. spurred it even further.

Meanwhile, for the “Collapse of the Berlin Wall,” True Parents
in August 1987 to Berlin, West Germany
commanded the CARP to hold the CARP Convention of World Students.

Despite the constant threats of bombing from the communist regime,

Moon Hyo-jin put his life on the line and went towards the Berlin Wall.
Leading the city march,
delivered the vision of peace that True Parents advocated to East-West
German youth students

In front of the world's press and media outlets, Moon Hyo-jin
made a speech directed at Soviet General Mikhail Gorbachev, demanding
the removal of the Berlin Wall.
Students from many countries around the world came together to shout
for the removal of the Berlin Wall.
This was established as the first great event of world students.

Two years later, on November 19, 1989,
The Berlin Wall, the symbol of the East-West Cold War, fell and Germany
was reunified after 45 years of division.

(subtitle) Notes: 1659_Great Steps for Peace 1
During the Cold War, when the Soviet Union and the United States
sharply confronted each other,
In April 1990, six years later, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who declared the
“fall of the Soviet Empire” and declared “the end of communism,” entered
Moscow, the heart of the Soviet Union, and held the Moscow Conference.

600 journalists from all over the world, 41 national diplomats,
came to this event where more than 1,000 people, came to hear Rev. Dr.
Sun Myung Moon who delivered a paradoxical and powerful principled
Ref. Speech of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon on the screen.

Also, in the Kremlin with Mikhail Gorbachev
Rev. Dr. Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, had a historic private
At the private meeting, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon spoke in the presence
of Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet
Union, someone in the highest level of the Communist Party, who views
religion as an atrocity and said, all we need is love, and asking him to
believe in God.
Basically, he said something that no one else would dare say.
Secretary Gorbachev looked a little surprised and smiled.
But he listened to various talks of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and accepted
his words.
The talks ended with a lot of dialogue, including expressing that they
would educate on the value of democracy and freedom to help the
secretary-general and deal with the crisis of the country by inviting 3,000
Soviet youth to the United States.
Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon was able to see the situation in the Soviet Union
with foresight and deep insight and saw a that there will be military coup
in the Soviet Union a year later due to military and political unrest at the
After that, he asked the CARP to take "3,000 Soviet students
to the United States and give them special education. "
“No matter what, we have to finish the education within a year,” he

At that time, student exchanges between the United States and the Soviet
Union were around seven and eight people a year at the most.

Because that's what it was, we couldn't even imagine taking, a number
like 3,000 people.
But as the providence of God works through the True Parents,
with absolutely faith in the mission given by True Parents, we left the
Soviet Union
putting our lives on the line. With such a heart I did my best.
(Source: Lenin Max Photography/Lenin Statue/Soviet Student American Training and Education Video
and Photography)

Constant surveillance and control by national intelligence agencies,
including the Soviet KGB and the U.S. CIA.
Even under observation, our education had a total of 3,500 people in 27
areas, and it successfully ended in early August 1991.
Who saved the Soviet Union?

And by the way, in August 1991, a few days after the training,
An unprecedented military coup provoked the Soviet Union.
Tanks rushed into the middle of downtown Moscow, controlling, and
suppressing citizens due to the provocation of senior national officials and
the military due to Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of reform and opening
up policies.

But the coup miraculously ended in three days.
More than 3,000 students, who received the best education thanks to True
came with new hopes and visions for the future. And got the courage to
create a human shield with the people all over the country.

The Soviet government later officially announced that the first contributor
to the suppression of the coup was Rev. Sun Myung Moon and declared
that the Soviet Union would have retreated back to the Stalin era if it
hadn't been for about 3,000 young people who were educated by
President Sun Myung Moon.
In this way, True Parents did so many things that even the state could not
do, and left many achievements, as they accomplished things that no one
else in the world could do.

Even they didn't carry a gun or shoot a missile, they could dismantle
communism and bring peace.
True Parents had already seen that a military coup would break out in the
Soviet Union a year later, and so urgently ordered the education of 3,000
people, which was something almost impossible.

Also, on 21 December that year, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
The Presidents of the three countries signed an official document agreeing
to dismantle the Soviet Union.
By announcing Mikhail Gorbachev's resignation from the presidency of
the Soviet Union on the 25th on Christmas night,
the Soviet Union has disappeared into history forever.

Great Steps for Peace 2 (Historical Determination for a New Era on the Korean Peninsula)

Even when the whole world was in chaotic situation,
Rev. and Mrs. Moon met with Kim Il-sung
and had full-scale peace talks.

At this meeting, with President Kim Il-sung, the issue of unification was
discussed with genuine love for the nation, he delivered a message of
world peace centered on the Korean Peninsula
He confidently preached to the top leaders at the North Korean Capitol
that the Juche ideology was an error.

(Using a video to educate North Korean leaders on the error of the doctrine of
evolution as well as to preach about God)
Bridge Video (Rev. and Mrs. Moon, video on activities in the Soviet activity)

After the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union
in 1992, we hosted a major Divine Principle education in the previous
Soviet Union. We trained a total of over 30,000 leaders over the course of
a year.

True Parents instructed us to make the words and the principle into
textbooks to save the 2nd generations of the Communist bloc.
And establish and systematize a Character education in Russia.
In consultation with the Russian Ministry of Education, we have created
textbooks such as character education, absolute sex education, true family
value education, and peace ideology education, and published a total of 8
textbooks for elementary school students, middle and high school
We spread the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon through continuous


educational activities.

(Teacher, Professor interview, please insert video material)
Operation of the Kremlin Tactics with a life-or-death determination

In November 1993,
True Mother managed to proclaim the word of God at the Kremlin, the
heart of Moscow, in a situation where a state of emergency was declared.
(Showing True Mother's Kremlin video)

True Parents who created miracles
Then in March 1994, Gorbachev, who resigned as president of the Soviet
Union, visited the home of Rev. and Mrs. Moon in Hannam-dong to
express his gratitude to Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han
Moon who did not hesitate to die to make us know about absolute true
love, and he also said that he would do his best so that God's providence
may progress.
Part 1, End .

Part 2, Begins Activities in China beyond the former Soviet Union and Mongolia

The successful outcome of educational activities in the former Soviet
Union and Mongolia became the foundation connected to China.

To make educational activities in China more effective, under the name International Foundation for Education (IEF), founded
by True Parents, we carried out activities in China with the cooperation of the China
International Exchange Association and the National Education Commission.
We started by holding a three-day seminar in Harbin, Black Dragon Castle.

At that time, China was a huge country dreaming of becoming a
superpower in the 21st century while achieving remarkable economic
development through open reform and market economy policies,
moral ethics was destroyed, and various social problems were emerging.

With the active support of the Chinese government, we conducted
character education, purity education for youth, true family education,
and peace ideology education centering on the teachings of True Parents
in major cities in all provinces of China, from the Himalayas of Tibet to
Lhasa and all parts of China.
In the testimony of principals and key figures from 1,000 elementary,
middle and high schools who attended the workshop at the invitation of
the National Education Commission of China, expressed that they amazed
that traditional Chinese ideology were exported overseas and re-imported
again as a higher and more modern ideology.

In addition to this, education for leaders from all walks of life in Chinese society,
as well as a major training for college students followed.
<True Mother’s Grand Victory at the Great Hall of the People in China>


In May 29, 1999...
True Mother's lecture which was held at the Great Hall of the People in
Beijing, the heart of Great China, was a miraculous success.
True Mother proclaimed the word of God to the high-ranking officials of
China under the theme of "The life course to go," and taught true love
showing the true way of life.
Thanks to the explosive positive response of participants in the education
seminar, the scope of activities was further expanded, and ethics
textbooks were written, at the invitation of the National Education
Commission of China, to educate as many as 250 million students in China.
The Shanghai Board of Education has created three textbooks, the Youth
Pledge, focusing on the teachings of True Parents.
Beijing Normal University published the book “Youth Character and
Sexuality Education”.
China's most influential academic institution, Chinese Academy of Social
Sciences (CASS) published two volumes of our books “True Family Ethics
and Character Education.”
Also in China's most prestigious university, Peking University,
"Cultivating Heart and Character," including the teaching of the True
Parents, was translated from English to Chinese and then published.
Since then, the target of education has gradually expanded, with
Communist Party youth executives and
we held educational seminars for leaders in China's metropolitan areas.
Our education at the Police College, especially, was very much appreciated.
It also included training and education for prison guards, prisoners and
The juvenile prisoners recited and signed vows of purity after their education.
True Parents' education on True Love was extended to middle and high
schools across China, distributing educational brochures and they could
pledge and understand the noble ideals of purity, love, and community
In this way, with the cooperation of the Chinese government and major
Radio, TV, and media outlets we could also share on the activities and
lectures of the International Foundation for Education.
It was quoted and reported extensively, by Beijing Civil Government
Academies, Peking University, and numerous major universities across
China, including Tsinghua University, have provided training education
for students.

Since October 1994 when training and blessing activities began in China,
until July 2010 we have conducted 250 training sessions nationwide.
(A picture of Urumuchi's General Assembly, China)

In addition, the official blessing ceremony was held with the approval of
the Chinese government,
China's central government agencies, democratic alliances, and the
Chinese Confucius Association.
These were celebrated extensively throughout the country on 30 occasions.

In 2005, a blessing ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People,
the heart of China.
In addition, the blessing ceremony for 100 couples of high-ranking officials from 98 major central institutions was held with great success.

As such, in order to restore China, a huge communist country with a
population of 1.3 billion, True Parents planted the seeds of words and
Unification Thought and it could finally reap the fruit of blessing.

Heavenly Unified Korea to rise as the central nation of the world

The Teachings of True Parents,
Head-wing Unification Theology is a new thought that embraces the right
and the left, promoting the values of freedom and equality.
At the same time, it realizes the value of Interdependence, Mutual
Prosperity, and Universal Values (or Universally Shared Values).
The world that we must accomplish is, One Family under Heavenly Parent,
that is, the world of Culture of heart.
It's a world of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.

To achieve such world,
The Mother of Peace, our True Mother, after the Holy Ascension of True Father,
has been overcoming all obstacles and achieving great victories by putting
all her heart in the work it was like finding a needle in the sandy desert where the storm is constantly raging.

(Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon's recent message video)
1. Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon
2. Speaker at the 2022 World Summit - Donald Trump
3. Speaker at the 2022 World Summit -Japanese Former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe
4. Speaker at the 2022 World Summit - Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen
5. Insert Words of True Mother as Subtitle

(Words of True Mother) Parts to be translated into English and Japanese
The Creator is our Parent.
Until now, humanity has failed to recognize its Heavenly Parent and thus has been unfilial.
If Heavenly Parent is at the center of a community of people united under the values of
interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values, all problems can be solved.
The only way for North and South Korea to become a Unified Korea is by attending
Heavenly Parent.
I earnestly hope and give my blessings that during this time today you can teach all the
nations of the world and their citizens how to attend Heavenly Parent.

The realization of one human family under God,
A peaceful ideal world where all boundaries disappear and all mankind
become one...
is the ultimate world that we seek.
It is a step towards a heavenly unified Korea and a world peace

(Words of True Mother) Parts to be translated into English and Japanese
If just one third of humanity can be restored by 2027, when the 60th anniversary of
Heavenly Parent’s Day (God's Day) I hope that you can all be people that can report and
say, even though it's not I did my best.
Let the world we live in be at peace...
In order not to destroy human nature by pursuing only material things,
let's create the world God wanted so much by caring for and loving each
may these words from their hearts that they always prayed about come true ...

If we do our very best, to make it happen, we will be victorious.
I will do my very best. Let's all do our very best!

Thank you very much. - End –