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The meaning of “Se Do Won”

We received the name, "Se Do Won"(世道苑) from Dr. Moon on February 14, 2012.

Dr. Moon said, "If Kukkiwon of Tae Kwon-Do is the national level, Se Do Won is the world level and is the place which guides the martial artists in the world to the original position." And he emphasized MAFWP's mission of spreading Unification Principle through martial arts, and added the meaning of Se Do Won as the garden, in another words, the Garden of Eden, as the word, "Won" shows. The significance and value of Se Do Won is shown through the words of "Won"(garden) more than enough.

While as far as "Se Do" concerned, we can say that it means "World Martial Arts" or "World Martial Artists" or "The Road connected to the world" or "The road which open the world" or "The road to the world peace" or "World Peace Tong-Il Moo-Do", etc. Even though it is abstract to some extent, we can interpret in wide range. It has the comprehensive content. In this regard, more detail will be shown through the activities of Se Do Won and its research from now.

Master Takamitsu Hoshiko
Vice President of WTMF
President of Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation Japan